Westminster Standards Class

In this class, we’ll look at the Westminster Confession and Catechisms, the confessional statements of our church. We will look at the whole range of Bible doctrines through these documents. You can read them in their original order or read them harmonized together. (we will be using this ordering for our study)
Each lesson below contains the relevant confessional readings, the lesson notes, and the audio recording from the class.

Lesson 1: The Human Being’s Ultimate Purpose || Notes

Lesson 2: What We Believe About Scripture || WCF1Notes

Lesson 3: What We Believe About God & the Trinity || WCF2Notes

Lesson 4: God’s Plan for the World || WCF3Notes

Lesson 5: Enjoying & Glorifying God Through Creation || WCF4Notes

Lesson 6: Rejoicing in God’s Government of the World || WCF5Notes

Lesson 7: What Human Beings are Made for: Getting Clarity on Our Purpose || WCF5Notes

Lesson 8: The Problem of Human Sinfulness || WCF6Notes

Lesson 9: God’s Commitment & Covenant || WCF7Notes

Lesson 10: The Wonder of Who Jesus is || WCF8; WLC36-40Notes

Lesson 11: The Meaning of “Christ” and How It Meets Our Needs || WCF8; WLC41-45Notes

Lesson 12: Christ’s Humiliation and Exaltation || WCF8 & WLC 46-56Notes

Leeson 13: Free Will || WCF9Notes